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Mega Foam Blaster

Join us for fun with our Mega Foam Blaster. It's a dry stacking foam that evaporates for easy cleanup. It shoots out 40 feet and rotates 180 degrees. The foam is non-slippery, non-toxic, non-staining, non-allergenic, and is also bio-degradable. It is fun for all ages, as well as the environment. Our glow option makes any night party more fun. It is amazing at night under 100W Black Lights, which we supply. We will need to be 100 feet from an electrical outlet and 300 feet from a water source unless requested and arranged otherwise. We will bring all supplies needed to run the machine. We do ask that you find a safe flat open area that is free of steps, holes, toys, stumps, sharp objects, etc. to make sure that everyone can enjoy the foam when the ground is no longer visible. For big events, add to the fun by using more than one Mega Foam Blaster, or add our music option to your party!

**The Mega Foam Blaster is a mechanical device that relies on water, power, and technology. If for some reason our Mego Foam Blaster fails to provide service we will work with the client to provide a satisfactory resolution.**.

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